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Kind words from clients:


“Tommy revolutionized not just my workout, but my life in our first session.  He explained ways to walk and stand differently to maximize the efficiency of the way I use my muscles.  He also showed me ways to integrate that kind of muscle integrity into the workout I already do.  He explains things in a very accessible way, and I noticed results both immediately, and they have continued over time.  Tommy is simply the best!”​
Julia M., Marketing Specialist​


It is an absolute joy training with you! Tommy is extremely helpful, knowledgable and great at following up with me right away with any questions I have regarding nutrition and exercise. I appreciate his professionalism and expertise in correcting my form to insure I perform the movements accurately to avoid injury. Also, being punctual and carrying a positive attitude motivates me to work much harder than I would on my own. I have hit my workout goals in record time, while having fun!

Christine V., Entrepreneur


“Tommy helped me lose the baby weight I've been trying to get off for 2 years.  He was able to help me find a way to actually enjoy exercise, and also to make a few minor adjustments in my diet (for example, WHEN I was eating, not just how) that went a long way.  I highly recommend seeing him!”​
Sara P., Financial Analyst


“Tommy is amazing!  I've been running marathons for 10 years, but when I decided to do Iron Man, I figured I should get a trainer.  Tommy worked with me on lots of levels...everything from diet to muscle group and endurance training, to proper sleep.  I can't thank him enough for preparing me so well, and really boosting my confidence at the same time.
Bobby S., Music Producer


“I wanted to get into better shape, but wasn't sure where to begin.  Tommy helped me figure out the perfect combination of weight training, cardio, and more subtle, small muscle exercises that gave me a great foundation to be able to do any sport I want.  I no longer feel intimated by team sports because I can move with ease and strength.”​
Robert A., Sales Manager​

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