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There are several modalities used in Functional Body Movement to get you feeling and looking your best:

           BODY MOVEMENT


This is the most practical application to achieve optimal efficiency in movement and strength in your daily life. Tommy finds multiple ways to workout using the best equipment available – your own body!  It is your daily actions and movements that you want to be doing properly to ensure safety, as well as good form and habits.  Additionally, using your body and gravity as resistance is a great way to build overall functional strength.


As part of his integrated approach, Tommy includes nutritional consultations, and discusses how to become aware of habits you may not know you have, shed the bad ones, and instill good ones. Poor nutrition can't be out-trained so it's very important to manage what is put into our bodies.



Strength and Endurance are key in any fitness program.  Tommy provides several tools not just for moving speedily and effectively, but gracefully as well. Having an awareness of our intention before we move will optimize the actions we take.



Strength and endurance are great but without proper alignment, efficiency and results will suffer. Flexibility means more than just "stretching" and flexibility without strength is not safe and optimal. Learn how to enhance both. As a practitioner of yoga and an avid student of anatomy, Tommy brings a body of knowledge to both prevent injury and maximize performance. 



As part of the multi-platform training program and in addition to using your own body as eqipment, there are several new devices and techniques Tommy offers as options to complement the other modalities in your custom program.

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